Share Draft

Share Draft (Checking)


MONTHLY SERVICE FEES (Minimum balance fee): Youth accounts, age 17 – 24, No monthly fee, age 25-59 daily balance below $500.00, $5.00 monthly fee, and Seniors 60+ with a daily balance below $200.00, $2.00 monthly fee. Home financial services (home banking)is available to members for the convenience of banking from your home 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
ATM Network Access in all 50 states
You can access your checking account anywhere in the country with your Feliciana Federal Credit Union QwikCash ATM card. Anywhere the PULSE logo is seen, you can get cash. The PULSE network is the largest ATM network in the country.



Feliciana Federal Credit Union
20303 Old Scenic Hwy
Zachary, LA 70791

MasterMoney (Debit Card)


If you have a MasterMoney Debit card from FFCU, you can access any PULSE network ATM. Your card will be accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo. MasterCard is accepted at more locations than any other card in the world. This is not a credit card. This card makes it convenient for you to get cash or withdraw funds from your checking account.