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MasterCard & MasterCard Gold  

We've Built A Better Credit Card. At FFCU, we try to be the best at everything we do. And that goes for offering you the best in our credit card program. With the FFCU MasterCard Classic and Gold card programs, we have a low interest rate, easy monthly payments, and a way for you to earn cash back on every purchase. This is our gift to you. Score Card CashBack! For details on CashBack, see one of our friendly member service representatives or conveniently contact us via e-mail. In addition to automatic travel accident insurance, we offer optional credit insurance to protect you and your loved ones.

The monthly repayment must be the greater of $35, or 2.5% of the unpaid principal balance. We also offer the convenience of automatic payment from a checking, or savings account.

Signature Loans (Unsecured)  

FFCU offers many loan types and will help you decide which is the best for you and your family. A signature loan is a personal unsecured loan. There is no collateral required for this type of loan.

Fully Secured Share Loans  
Secure your loan with a share (savings or certificate) account. The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE is only 2% higher than the dividend rate the Credit Union pays you on your share (savings) or share certificate (certificate) accounts. It is almost like borrowing from yourself!


New Auto Loans  
Drive away today in your new or used auto. FFCU offers competitive rates and terms. Stop in today or ''contact us'' for additional information.Our loan rates (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE) are based on your down payment. FFCU will loan out 100% of vehicle purchase price plus sales tax and fees. Rebates are not considered down payments, but trade-ins will be considered as part of the down payment.

New Cars & Trucks
We will also offer the above loan rates and terms on:- SECOND CHANCE CARS. Current year model vehicles or prior year models with less than 20,000 miles that are currently financed somewhere else.- PROGRAM CARS AND TRUCKS. Vehicles with less than 20,000 miles and are current year or prior year models.      

Used Auto Loans  
Our used auto loan offers you convenient rates and terms. Drive-away today!

Loan rates are determined by credit performance and by appraised value and term. The NADA book is FFCU's reference guide to determine the appraised/market value of the automobile.

Your financing can include tax and license. Proof of collision and comprehensive insurance is required at the time of signing your loan. FFCU will be listed as the lienholder.

Mobile Home Loans  
You may finance a maximum of 90% of the purchase price and will be required to pay tax, license, and fees. Proof of homeowners insurance is required listing FFCU as the lienholder.

You may finance a maximum of 90% of the appraised amount. Must pay tax, title and license if the total exceeds 90% of appraised value. In addition, Homeowners Insurance must be provided to the Credit Union listing FFCU as lienholder. Length of Term (up to 8 years) will be based on age and condition of the mobile home, and is up to the discretion of the loan officer, or the credit committee.

Recreational Vehicles (Camper Trailers)  
A member may finance a maximum of 100% of the purchase price plus sales tax and fees on new, and 100% of the appraised value plus tax and fees if used. Proof of insurance with FFCU as lienholder will be required.

Farm Equipment Loans   
The Credit Union will finance a maximum of 100% of value. Farm equipment is defined as tractors, and tractor attachments, hay bailers, and other farm implements, stock trailers and horse trailers. The credit union will not finance this as a commercial loan (not to be repaid by farm income).

Motor Home Loans  
The credit union will finance 100% of the purchase price on a new motor home plus tax and finance 100% of the appraised value on used motor homes plus tax.

The member must provide proof of collision and comprehensive insurance.

Boats, Motors & Boat Trailer Loans  

  • The credit union will finance up to the purchase price (new) or appraised value (used) plus tax and license.
  • The member must provide proof of insurance.

1st Mortgage Real Estate Loans  
We currently have two different types of first mortgage loans.

  • Fixed Rate First Mortgage - 15 year loan and
  • Balloon Payment First Mortgage - 15 or 20 year loan 

2nd Mortgage Real Estate Loans  

Our second mortgage loans are set up as a balloon note for a maximum repayment of 20 years.

Debt Protection Insurance   
DP is available for purchase and will cover loan payments for death, disability, or unemployment. Call if you are interested in more details.    

Pricing Guides for New & Used Autos
NADA USED AUTO PRICING GUIDE - Call us and get a value of the used car that you are selling or buying. Make sure that you get the best deal at all times on your trades, sales, and purchases. 

CHROME NEW AUTO PRICING GUIDE - is a FREE service provided to all members of the credit union. By using this service, you can see the dealer's cost as well as MSRP on any new vehicle. It will allow you to know whether or not you received a good deal on your new car. Call us for more information and let us quote you a monthly note on your next new car.

Extended Auto Warranties  
TRAVELER'S INSURANCE WARRANTY - Purchase the most comprehensive, economical automobile warranty coverage anywhere at your credit union. Buy a warranty to protect your automobile for up to 7 years and 100,000 miles. You can sleep at night knowing that expensive maintenance repairs would be fully covered.

Gap Insurance  
For the small fee of $425, you can protect against an automobile purchase gap. Gap is the difference between your automobile payoff and value received from your insurance company in case your automobile is totaled or stolen. By the time you add tax title and insurance as well as warranty protection, a gap may be several thousands of dollars. GAP Insurance will cover this difference including an additional $ 1,000 to put down on your next purchase. Call us today for more details. You can't afford to take the risk at such a low premium price.

Unimproved Real Estate  

  • The credit Union may finance a maximum of 80% of the Appraised Value.
  • The member will need a survey map and purchase agreement. May use any approved state certified appraiser. Must meet state and local ordinances and laws (Example: must have unlimited access rights of way). Appraiser has to state in their appraisal whether the property is located in a flood zone area. The credit union requires a comparable sheet on unimproved real estate. Attorney is chosen by member. The attorney is required to provide title insurance, a Demand Note, a settlement statement, and file a Collateral Mortgage.

Other Recreational Vehicles (Motorcycles, ATV's, Jet Ski's, etc.)  

A member may finance up to the purchase price (New) or the appraised value (Used) plus tax, title, and license fees. Proof of insurance with FFCU as lienholder is required.


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